Manitoba Security Guard License Practice Exam

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A security guard receives a dispatch from a remote monitoring company that indicates an intrusion alarm was received. What steps should the security guard take?

Ask the dispatcher for all relevant information. When you arrive approach cautiously and investigate the apparent cause of the alarm. Call the police if necessary. Submit a report.

The security guard should first ask the dispatcher for all relevant information to understand the situation. Then, they should approach cautiously and investigate the cause of the alarm. If necessary, they can call the police for additional support. Finally, the security guard should submit a report after completing their investigation. None of the other options adequately address the necessary steps outlined in the question. Calling the police and waiting for them to arrive (B) may be necessary, but it should not be the first step taken by the security guard. Being insured (C) is not relevant to the steps the security guard should take, and sending another security guard for backup (D) is not mentioned in the question and may not be necessary.

Call the police and wait till they arrive

Do not enter as you are not insured as a security guard

Send another security guard for back up.